Monday, November 3, 2014

San Ruby - Glamor Dazzling 3D Eye Shadow Natural

Hey Beauty...

Today I wanna review an eye shadow by San Ruby. I purchased this item online with a very cheap price, I bought it for about IDR 51.000 (USD5) and free shipping. It has 5 different colors, all natural and comes with a nice brush and a big fat mirror. Sooo happy \(^o^)/

You may not familiar with this brand like me. But then I searching for this brand on google and find their official website on so actually they are originally from Taiwan but their website is written in all Bahasa Indonesia and I couldn't find their official website from Taiwan or another country so I'm not really sure. But they claimed to be official registered in BPOM (Badan Pengawasan Obat dan Makanan) which is nice.

San Ruby's most famous product are their skin care. Their whitening series are so famous and I saw the feedback from their other costumers are surprising. But today I just wanna talk about their make up here which is Glamor Dazzling 3D eye shadow.

The package looks nice. They are black, their design is super simple and travel friendly. You may think that the box is big but actually the size is not big enough maybe like maybelline studio hyper diamond.

There are total five natural shades. They are white, light yellow, Brown, Light brown and brown grey. Plus a nice quality aplicator, you also can use some brush if you want because their texture is friendly and soft.

The top image is without using flash and the bottom image is using flash. From the left is White, Light Yellow, Light Brown (orange), Brown and Brown Grey. I can say the color is nice and pigmented enough on my skin.

 San Ruby - Glamor Dazzling 3D Eye Shadow Natural 
Price : IDR 90.000
Where to buy : Online, Any cosmetic stores

Quality: 4 / 5
Good. Pigmented enough. So many colors, all nice.

Package: 3 / 5
I love the colors but it looks cheap and definitely not sophisticated.

Price: 4.5 / 5
Affordable, for 5 shades eye shadow is really a great deal.

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  1. Warnanya asik juga ya,yuk dibikin eotd nya....hihihi nice post

    1. Thank you yaaa sudah mampir :) Siiip siiip, di postingan selanjutnya mungkin hehehe