Sunday, November 2, 2014

Maybelline - Crayonliner Eye Liner

Hellooo beauty,

I hope it's not too late to do a review about this old product. Actually I've had this pencil eyeliner for about four months. I have 3 of them, one black and two brown. But I'm just gonna review the black one because I've lost the brown or maybe somebody borrowed it without my permission, pfft. And luckily this eyeliner is still wrap in plastic, I haven't open it. So you can see the whole products, like new. And I can honestly say that I really love this pencil eyeliner. Especially for a very very very cheap product, the result is quite good for me. I bought this crayonliner online for about IDR 11.000 ($1) per piece online plus free shipping, what a great deal.

The pencil look cheapies. But hey, don't judge an eyeliner by its cover. Because sometimes the quality is very good till makes you wanna cry. Get it? Lol. By the way, this eyeliner is smudgeable, so sure it doesn't suit big event. Just for a simple make up. The holder's color are black and purple and the cap is transparant makes easy to located. The texture is very soft and easy to apply. Sadly, I just broken the tip of this eyeliner when I try to take some photos it fell down from my desk and this is what it looks like now, Hiks hiks :(

As you can see the color is very dark and pigmented on my skin. But of course not smudge proof or even waterproof. Here are some pictures when I applied this eyeliner on my eyelid without using an eye shadow before.

 Maybelline - Crayon Liner Eyeliner 
Price: IDR 19.000 (USD 2)
Where to buy: Mini Market, Maybelline Counter in Departement store, Online

Quality: 4.5 / 5
I really adore this cheap eyeliner. Easy to apply and looks nice on my eyelid. Very pigmented. But sadly it isn't smudgeproof and waterprood. Convinient from the price :)

Package: 3 /5
It's cute and travel friendly. But it looks cheap, it is cheap :p

Price: 5 / 5
Affordable. Very cheap, the cheapest eyeliner eveeer.

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  1. Penasaran gmn test waterproof and smudgeproof ?

    1. Sayangnya gak waterproof apalahi smudgeproof hiks. Makasih yaaa udah mampir :*