Thursday, October 23, 2014

Zoya Cosmetics - Ultramatte Lipstick

Hello Awesome people...

Do you ever heard about this brand? I am sure you know brand Zoya for their Hijab products. Well, actually this is the same brand. Yes, Zoya is an Indonesian brand for muslim clothing line and now also for cosmetics. And guess what, all of their make up is marked as halal. What a great news for all my muslims friend :)

Today I wanna review one of their lipstick products. Which is Ultramatte Lipstick. I guess there are just a few review about them. So I hope my review will be usefull. Keep reading...

So, I just purchased these two lipsticks a weeks ago. I bought it online from Zalora using a voucher they gave me for inviting my friend to shop. Lucky for me, this voucher can be use for their beauty products too. Honestly, I'm not intend to buy any make up at the time. I just look around their website and suddenly I found these cute affordable price lipstick. I can't resist. Just shut up and take my money!!!

Well, here's come the review...

Started with the package. The package is very nice, as you can see. There's a box, not only wrap with a plastic like any other lipstick which is cost less than IDR. 50.000 ($ 5). And the tube is very classy, but feel very light. It's only 3,8 g though. And they also easy to turn. The color of the box and the tube is white. As far as I know, almost every Zoya make up product's color is white. I can say, that the package is very user friendly. The type that you can put in your bag or your pouch and to bring anywhere.

I purchased Ultramatte Rosette (Left) and Ultramatte Sweet Maroons (Right). There are total 4 colors available. The others are Ultramatte Rosewater and Ultramatte Red wood. I can honestly say that I really love the color of these two matte lipstick. Especially the pink one, it really suit my lips. The brown one too but not really. Maybe because when you apply it on your lips it's not dark at all, kinda looks like red nude. I thought pink makes me look super fresh and cute. You may disagree with me, hehe.

Now let's move to the quality. I applied these two lipsticks on the back of my hand. At the top, I applied it once and at the bottom I applied it twice. See the different? The color of the second photo are much stronger than the previous one. Because its name was Ultramatte Lipstick, I guess it will be matte. But you can't expect too much. For me, I wasn't disappointed. These under budget lipstick quality may not as perfect as IDR 300.000 ($ 30) - something lipstick. Not very matte too. But I quite happy for the result.

This is me, using Zoya Ultramatte Lipstick Rosette:

See? Not bad, right? Kinda cute, maybe :)

Now, the other color Sweet Maroons:

Yeah. yeah I know. The color isn't very dark when applied. And for your information, i didn't use any flash on that photos.

Now, here is my conclusion about these products...

 Zoya Cosmetics - Ultramatte Lipstick (Rosette & Sweet Maroon) 
Price : IDR 40.000 / USD 4
Where to buy : Any Cosmetics stores or big supermarket near you. Online Store.
Quality : 4 / 5
I love the colors. The smell is almost the same as any other lipstick. Not bad. And it's marked as Halal. Good matte. But it's not long lasting :(

Package : 4 / 5
The box is fine. The tube is cute, but still classy and user friendly.

Price : 4.5 / 5
Totally affordable and quite easy to find. I wish I can have all 4 colors !!!

Now. Have you decide to purchase them yet? I hope my review is help you to decide. Byeee...

Have a nice day, and Stay Awesome
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  1. Aku juga udah buat list lipstick zoya yg mau di beli, sekarang lipstik nya masih banyak.
    Makasih review nya ^^


    1. Iya, akuu juga mau beli yang warna lain sama coba yang ultramoisse :) Oiya, makasih ya udah mampir :D

  2. Welcome to the blogging world. Great first post, awesome review.

    1. Ahhh, Thank you so much for visiting my blog, and for the feedback. I just visited your blog too :*

  3. Akhh sayang banget gak Longlast ya :(
    tapi naksi ama sweet macaroon, daku sih baru prtama kai denger brand nya, hehehee

    Btw, Main ke blog daku yooOoo :D


    1. Padahal udah lama nih lipstiknya hahaha ini Zoya yang produksi kerudung juga. Sip siiip, aku sudah mampir-mampir loh ke blog mu hihihi

  4. hi salam kenal akhirnya ada yg review zoya juga, dan karena baca ini pula aku jadi beli zoya ultramatte jugaa 😆

    mampir-mampir yah ke blog ku

  5. Aaahh gemes liat lipsticknya si zoya inii.. packagingnya bagus putih gitu jadi kesannya clean banget. Warnanya juga bagus yaaa.. Mau coba ah

  6. wah, cantik.. aku juga pakai yang wild prune

    i just followed you. do you mind to follow back?

  7. Seperti yg terlihat di foto di differences di kotak nya ADA Keterangan Lengkap TENTANG Produk di dalamnya. Box yg berwarna putih Jadi terlihat sederhana, mungkin ADA yg Kurang Suka KARENA Terlalu sederhana [REVIEW] ZOYA COSMETICS ULTRAMATTE LIPSTIK REDWOOD

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