Thursday, October 30, 2014

Maybelline - The Hyper Curl Volum' Express Waterproof Mascara

Hello, Awesome Ladies...

Today, I wanna review one Waterproof Mascara from Maybelline New York. Its name is The Hyper Curl Volum' Express. By the way, this is my first Maybelline Mascara. I know, I'm kinda out of date. But let's see my review. Hope it will helps...

The tube is fat and very nice. Even thought I bought this product with a very cheap price, the appearance doesn't look cheap at all. The color is nice, it's shining. The brush, it has a heavy curved brush. They said it was an anti clump brush that can performs separated eyelashes, but not really. Maybe because it was waterproof and easily dried. I experienced the clump a lot. But it does definition your eyelashes, which is nice especially if you don't want too much drama on your eyes for your daily activity. It looks natural. I've been using this mascara yesterday for like 5 hours indoor room. I even tried to splashed water on my face and sometimes even wipe my sweat and it doesn't go off, maybe a bit but unnoticed. I remove it with another maybelline product make up remover for eye and lip. It doesn't hurt my eyelashes and doesn't run or fallout.

 Here are some description on the product's package:
  • 3 times The Volume of your eyelashes Instantly
  • 75 degree Curl - Keeps Curl for 18 Hours
  • Clump Free
  • Waterproof
For me, it was smudge proof and waterproof and also worked out just fine . I mean, this is a very cheap mascara, or the cheapest mascara I've ever have but the result is quite good and not bad at all.

 1. This is my naked eye. Which means I'm not yet apply the mascara. I don't even wear any make up on my eyebrows.

 2. I applied the mascara on my left eye. I didn't use any curler in this photo. I just use the brush from the mascara.

 3. I used eyelash curler which is panasonic eyelash curler EH-SE60. See the different from the previous photo? It's much curler and less clumpy.

 4. I applied it on my both eyelashes.

  5. I closed my eyes so you can see how my eyelash look both ways.

Now, here are my conclusions about this mascara:

 Maybelline New York - The Hyper Curl Volum' Express Waterproof Mascara 
Price : IDR 58.300 / USD 4
Where to buy : Mini Market, Online Store

Quality : 3.5 / 5
For very cheap mascara, its quality is satisfying. Long lasting, looks natural even though doesn't add 3 times more volume. It's just good enough. But maybe I won't repurchase this product. I just wait for the new want to launch.

Package : 4.5 / 5
As I said before, the tube is fat and also super cute. Nice to hold, of course. The color is black and shining pink, my favorite color. Nice one.

Price : 5 / 5
I bought it for IDR 37.000 on sale. What a great deal for such a great mascara :)

I know, there are so many review about this product. But why not write one, right? Hope you enjoy and hope it's useful. Byeee...

Have a nice day and Stay Awesome
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  1. hello nice review, hey btw foto"review-an kamu bagus lhoo, kok kayanya aku engga pernah liat km posting di ibb ^_^ padahal bagus fotonya :)


    1. Aaaaah, makasih kaaak :D ini blognya masih baru jadi postnya masih sedikit :( Nanti aja kalo udah banyak potsnya baru deh aku sering-sering share di grup, biar lebih mantaaap gitu hehehe. Sekarang masih jadi silent reader blog2 di IBB aja :p