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Maybelline - Cream Gel Eye Shadow Color Tattoo 24 Hr

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Today I wanna review two gel cream eyeshadow from Maybelline New York, which are Color tatto 24 Hr Edgy Emerald and Paintend purple. I just purchased these two babies a weeks ago. I bought it online. If you read my previous review about Zoya Ultramatte lipstick you will know. I guess there are already so many review about this products on the internet. Absolutely not a really new products too. But I decided to review them anyway. Hope you enjoy...

Most of you may knew this product better than me. But, I want to introduce this product first.  There are total 10 single shades. Their name are 05 Too Cool (White), 10 Fierce and Tangy (Orange), 15 Audacious Asphalt (Grey), 20 Painted Purple (Purple - like mine), 25 Bad to the Bronze (Brown), 30 Pomegranate Punk (Red Wood), 35 Tough as Taupe (Light Grey), 40 Tenacious Teal (Blue), 45 Bold Gold (Gold) and 50 Edgy Emerald (Green - like mine). And by the way, they missed some of my favorite color. Huh, I love pink, especially a very hot pink. And below is the color that I mentioned with the code. The great thing is, this image is represents almost 99% of the real color. I have check mine. And it precise. Of course, That's why they made it, right? What a silly of me, Hehehe.

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What I love the most about these gel creamy eye shadow is because the color intensity and it's quite long lasting to wear, its name was Color Tatto 24 Hr. Of course you will expect it to be long lasting. But not like 24 Hour, who's wear eye shadow that long any way. And the shimmery. Plus you can apply it just by your fingertips. I prefer to use brush to apply eye shadow, but honestly it much better if you just use your fingertips instead. Because it's creamy and the texture is kinda clogy for your cute smooth brush. And also the colors, I love the vibrant. You can make an awesome make up art with these. But sadly I only have two of them. hiks, hiks. Well, weap the tears of mine, without any further ado. Here's comes the review. Let's check...

As usual, I started with the package. There's no box, not even a plastic wrap. Just like any other maybelline products. Is it safe? Uh, just Maybelline knows. But there's a seal there, just a tiny seal. I guess it's enough. But I can say the container of this product is really solid. Made of glass and its cap was made of plastic. Good looking and steady. Kinda nice to hold, it doesn't feel cheap when you hold it. The size is big enough, its volume is 4g for a single eye shadow.

For the quality. I can honestly say, that I love maybelline products. I mean any other products, like eyeliner, blush on, lipstick or even make up remover. The reasons are simply because the price is affordable and they have so many collection of make up to choose and the brand is quite familiar for other, also the quality is never disappoint me so bad. And yes, their package is kinda cute, I'm sure you know there are many cheap make up comes with bad package. Uuugh, of course the package is important, especially for make up. But need to be efficient too. Girls need too stay classy, right?

I tested these two shades on my hand. The first try is smudging as you can see, but when you blend it, it looks perfectly fine. The shimmery is fine. The texture is compact and smooth. They promise, the cream will glide on your eyes without creasing, but not really as they promise. Because when I applied it on my eyes it does a little crease. And for your information, this creamy eye shadow is easy to dry. So you don't want to open it too long, you may also need to close it tightly for your own good.

I'm sorry, the result of these photos aren't good enough, I'll try my best next. As you can see, the shadow crease, Uuugh. I applied it with my fingertips. See the empty space in the middle, maybe that's my bad. I'm not an expert for this stuff, huhuhu. When I saw it in the mirror it look perfect but when I take a photo, Zzzz. And also it not really pigmented on my skin and after an hour or so the texture kinda cracked :( I test the green one for 4 hour and I didn't experience any budging or fading. Also these creamy gel is dry down quick. You will feel it about 5 minutes or so. And for your information, you also can used these creamy gel as an eyeshadow base or as an eyeliner. Using brush will be nice.

Now, It's time to take some photos.

If you want to wear it for some beautiful photo shoot, the color looked very cool on your eyes and camera friendly. Now, here is my conclusion about these products, Let's check...

 Maybelline - Cream Gel Eye Shadow Color Tatto 24 Hr 
Price : IDR 60.000 (USD 6) / Single color
Where to buy : Maybelline Counter, Super Market or Online Shop.

Quality : 3.5 / 5
No doubt, it's very long lasting. I love the color vibrant and the shimmery, but it's kinda difficult to apply, especially for me. The texture is smooth, but does a little creasing on my oily eyes.

Package : 4.5 /5
I looove the package. For some $6 single eye shadow the package is so nice and really solid. Even though there's no box or any plastic wrap, for me it's fine and enough. It's not looks cheap at all.

Price : 4 / 5
Not very expensive. I plan to buy another color, Ugh I wish I could have some money so quickly hehehe.

I hope my review is helping :) But if you think you have something to ask. Please leave some comment, It will be my pleasure to answer your question. Plus if you have more information, why don't you leave a comment too? Sharing is everything, right? Bye bye...

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